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Fire Poi Head Guide

Duo-fold Cathedral Fire Poi Heads: good for getting larger flame, but the smallest burn time of the options we carry. A good starting point if you are on a budget or just beginning.

MoonBlaze Alpha Fire Poi Heads: the style of MoonBlaze with the shape of a Duo-fold Cathedral. More burn time than a Cathedral, with about the same flame, but less burn time than standard MoonBlaze.

MoonBlaze Fire Poi Heads: Flamma Aeterna's signature wick, MoonBlaze have the longest burn-time-to-weight ratio of any of our products. Expect a longer burn time than Cathedrals or Alphas, and a comparable burn time to medium Monkey Fists.

Egg Fire Poi Heads: A Monkey's Fist alternative, Egg Fire Poi Heads use similar knot structure, but do not vary in diameter, allowing for the construction of taller heads with a standard profile. Egg Fire Poi heads have a long burn time and allow for good technical performance.

Monkey Fist Fire Poi Heads: Monkey Fists generally have a longer burn time but a smaller flame compared to other wicks of the same size. They also tend to be somewhat heavier due to the density of the rope used to construct them. Best for experienced users who want to buy the Large for a good flame and a significant burn time.

MoonBlaze Fire Poi Heads (pair)
Regular Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $37.00
Monkey Fist Fire Poi Heads (pair)
Regular Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $69.99