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Collapsible Practice Hoop
Collapsible Practice Hoop Get ready for spring! Head to the park with our Collapsible Practice Hoop, a great way to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors! Whether you are hooping for fitness or practicing to eventually use fire hoops, our practice and fitness hoops are suitable for both exercise and tricks. Our Collapsible Hoop's standard outer diameter (OD) is a slow 42 inches (40 inches Inner Diameter (ID)), making them suitable for all ages. ODs of 38 (ID 36) and 40 (ID 38) inches are also available for those with a faster style.

Hoopdance for Beginners (DVD)
Hoopdance for Beginners (DVD) Learn from internationally acclaimed hula hoop expert Christabel Zamor. In this DVD you will learn 35 mesmerizing hoop moves and 4 dance combinations. Learn each move in the studio, then watch hoopdance performances filmed at Maui's lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, cliffs, and beaches. Hoopdance for Beginners is a must-have, and a priceless educational resource. Approximately 80 minutes and plays in all regions internationally

LED Glow Hoops, Collapsible
LED Glow Hoops, Collapsible Our LED Hoop has 6, 12, or 18 LEDs and breaks down into three equal sections, making transportation and storage a simple matter. The hoop is made out of translucent poly tubing, and has a moderate stiffness that is good for beginning as well as experienced users. The tubing is approximately 1.25 in. thick (the larger tubing allows for greater light dispersing) and 42 inches in outer diameter (39 inches in inner diameter).
The connect/disconnect mechanism is extremely simple; the hoop breaks down for travel and storage with the push of a button! There is one switch and battery housing for every 2 LEDs.

Hoop Bag
Hoop Bag The Hoop Bag is a great way to carry your hoop when your are trying to get all of your gear from point A to point B. The Hoop Bag comes in one length and is designed to a 42 inch diameter or smaller hoop broken down into 3 sections tightly (for example, all Fire Mecca hoops except the LED/Glow Hoop). The Hoop Bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

. Made of durable PVC fabric
. 100% waterproof defeeta lining with 10-mm foam
. YKK zippers

Featured Performer: Matthew of Fire Mecca!
MatthewMatthew Johnson is not only the founder of Fire Mecca; he is also an experienced performer and expert teacher. He has also dedicated himself to building the fire arts community in his hometown of Tucson, AZ and world-wide.  "I have been spinning poi and staff and working with fire for just under 10 years. I got started in Germany in 2001, immediately after getting back from the Beltane Fire Festival in Scotland, where I saw several great fire performances and performers. The entire experience was life-changing. I founded SPIA (Street Performance and Incendiary Arts) at the University of Arizona and started Flamma Aeterna (now Fire Mecca) that same year," says Matthew, describing how he began working with fire arts.

Matthew routinely performs professionally with poi, staff (usually two), and mixes in fire-breathing and fire-eating from time to time. With a degree in engineering and a passion for performance he knows from personal experience what performers need, and this is what makes Fire Mecca equipment unique. His innovative and creative mind has lent itself well to developing what are now some of the best fire tools on the market, including MoonBlaze poi, which has now become a standard in fire poi.

When asked about his most inspiring moment as a fire dancer Matthew replied, "Beltane was by far the most inspiring experience in my fire-dancing career, but I guess I wasn't quite a fire-dancer, yet. I've been in several performances where the audiences and clients were great, and they made me and whomever I was performing with feel like rock stars. I don't perform for the money, though it is an important factor. The fun, community, and glory are the most important aspects."

With that love of community at heart, Matthew is a patient and creative instructor who has taught hundreds of people of all levels to spin poi and staff, and has helped them achieve their personal goals as performers. While watching the first fire performance of six women who have studied with Matthew over the last few months I was touched to see how spinning poi has changed their lives. "Take the time to be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses as a performer, and learn to work with and around them," Matthew says, "It becomes easier to work with customers, audiences, and other performers when you are aware of what you bring to the table, and it really helps to know what you need to take your performance to the next level."

Matthew works diligently to keep Fire Mecca on the cutting edge of fire performance to meet the needs of our fire arts community worldwide. If you ever have questions, comments, or are looking for something specific please feel free to "Ask Matthew" at
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