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Gear Bag
Gear BagThe Diabolo Bag is a great way to carry a lot of small gear. The Diabolo Bag fits two large diabolos (e.g., finesse, jumbo harlequin, or circus) with outside pockets for 2 sets of handsticks. The Diabolo Bag can also carry several poi sets, or myriad juggling balls.

The Diabolo Bag has zipper openings on both sides and an adjustable shoulder strap with multiple clip-on locations. Features "Flamma Aeterna" ("Eternal Fire") logo.

. Made of durable PVC fabric
. 100% waterproof defeeta lining with 10-mm foam.
. Pocket for 2 sets of hand sticks.
. YKK zippers

Stage Ball Poi Heads
Stage Ball Poi HeadsStage Ball Poi Heads have a little give to them, making them great practice poi. Save your fire poi and yourself practicing your new tricks by attaching them to your regular chain poi leashes. Stage ball poi heads are 70 mm (2.76 inches) in diameter, and can be weighted with BB shot by request.

Sold as a pair.

Practice Contact Staff
Practice Contact StaffPractice ends absorb the shock of drops and get dirty and scraped up so that your fire staff and LED staff doesn't have to. Your LED staff and fire staff can be saved for show and performances. The Practice Contact Staff comes with a center section that is covered in grip tape, providing plenty of area for contact.

Blazelink Practice Staff, Break Down
Blazelink Practice Staff, Break DownThe BlazeLink Practice Staff breaks into three sections, making shipping and travel easy. Our break-down practice staff comes with a center section that is covered in grip tape, providing plenty of area for contact. The BlazeLink Practice Staff is a combination of the BlazeLink Staff Adapter and BlazeLink Practice Endpieces.Practice Endpieces absorb the shock of drops and get dirty and scraped up so that your fire staff and LED staff doesn't have to. Your LED staff and fire staff can be saved for show and performances.

The Practice End Pieces are also compatible with the BlazeLink Poi Torch and Swinging Torch Adapters

Bean Bag tailed Poi, Fixed Tail
Bean Bag Tailed Poi, Fixed TailZuni Poi Swings are debatably the most well-known brand of poi swing in the world. Zuni Poi Swings are made of a durable rip-stop nylon, with elegant tails that float nicely behind the soft bean-bag heads of the Zuni. Features include an adjustable cord, an integrated swivel clip to affix glow sticks and LED attachments, a convenient carrying pouch, and an instructional pamphlet. Glow sticks and LED attachments add incredible colors to your night-time swinging and are amazing to watch in a club. The orange and yellow tail poi swing colors are fluorescent and black light sensitive, creating astonishing trails of light without the need for glow sticks.

Featured Artist : Michelle Baas
Michelle BaasI grew up in Maryland and I twirled baton competitively for 12 years. In August of 2000 I moved to Tucson, after winning 2 gold medals at the NBTA World Championships in Birmingham, England. Soon after arriving in Tucson, I discovered fire dancing and I knew immediately that it was what I had been waiting for. My skills as a baton twirler transferred over perfectly, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love fire spinning! Teaching and performing gives me a feeling of completeness and direction, as well as an outlet to fully express myself in an uplifting way that everyone can enjoy. I am currently performing with and managing Elemental Artistry Fire Arts Performance Troupe in Tucson. I am available to teach workshops and perform nationwide.

Featured Article : Proper Care and Storage of Your Wicks

Proper care and storage of you wicks can keep the help maintain the burn time and longevity of your props. The question often arises, “how often should I have to get new poi?” While the answer isn't simple, how you care for them plays a large role. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your props in good condition.

1.    The Kevlar wick material is made to take the heat, but it does degrade over time. Once you’ve extinguished your tools, leave them wrapped firmly in a damp towel, trying to put it in contact with as much metal as possible. The towel will draw the heat away from the metal and Kevlar, reducing the post-fire-dancing damage to your wicks.

2.    Don’t practice with your fire wicks. Use practice props whenever possible. Of course it is important to practice with your fire gear without fire, but, when learning new tricks or doing the majority of your practicing, it is much better to replace your fire wicks with properly-weighted practice props. When practicing with actual wicks, hitting yourself or the ground, or intentionally doing wraps, bounces, kicks, and other such moves (with poi) put stress on the wick material that it is not designed for. Practice props increase the longevity of your equipment

a.For poi spinners it is highly recommended to purchase weighted practice poi which can be attached to your regular poi leashes. These will save your fire wicks for performance and keep you much cleaner!Fire Mecca sells Stage Ball Poi, which can be weighted, for just this purpose.

b.For staff spinners, The Fire Mecca Practice Staff is available. An even better option is the with Fire Mecca BlazeLink staff; a staff spinner can simply switch the fire ends with the practice ends.

c.If you perform with another tool, or a non-BlazeLink staff, protecting your wicks during practice can be done by covering your fire wicks with a sock or draw string bag. If you cover your wicks with a sock, use a rubber band, if possible, to keep the sock in place as you are spinning. Damage could still occur to your wicks but this is certainly better than nothing.

3.    When transporting your props, keep them covered and in separate containers. Placing your props in individuals bags or containers and then in a larger gig bag.


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