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Fire Rope Dart
Fire Rope DartThe Fire Mecca Rope Dart is made of 3/8 inch aramid-core Kevlar (R) rope base, with a ball-bearing swivel attached to twist link chain for attaching the head. The fire attachment is a cylindrical MoonBlaze head. The fire head is detachable, allowing for other styles to be tried, or for a practice head to be attached.

For beginners, a good starter length is found by measuring the distance between your hands, with arms held out at either side, and adding this to the distance between one hand held out to the side to the ground. Alternatively, twice the height of the user can be used as starting point.

Rope Darts have many siblings and go by other names: chain dart, single headed meteor hammer, etc.

Any total length up to 13 feet can be chosen.

 Flexible Replacement Fire Hoop Wicks: MoonBlaze Wicks
Flexible Replacement Fire Hoop Wicks: Moonblaze WicksOur MoonBlaze Flexible Replacement Hoop Wicks ("Flexi-wicks") are perfect for adding fire and burn time to your existing fire hoop. These fire wicks are 1.6 inches in diameter and 1 or 2 inches long and are firmly attached to a firm, but flexible, cable. The total length is 7 inches (the fire wick starts approximately 5 inches from the hoop when assembled). Works for hoops that accept 1/4 inch 20 threads-per-inch replacement wicks.

Flexible hoop wicks reduce hoop damage from drops and ground hits, and generally have a longer life than solid spines.

Pliers are a useful tool, but are unnecessary to attach the wicks to the hoop.

The majority of detachable-wick systems use 1/4 inch attachments.

Collapsible Practice Hoop
Collapsible Practice HoopWhether you are hooping for fitness or practicing to eventually use fire hoops, our practice and fitness hoops are suitable for both exercise and tricks. Our Collapsible Hoop's standard outer diameter (OD) is a slow 42 inches (40 inches Inner Diameter (ID)), making them suitable for all ages. ODs of 38 (ID 36) and 40 (ID 38) inches are also available for those with a faster style.

Hoopdance For Beginners (DVD)

Hoopdance For Beginners (DVD)Learn from internationally acclaimed hula hoop expert Christabel Zamor. In this DVD you will learn 35 mesmerizing hoop moves and 4 dance combinations. Learn each move in the studio, then watch hoopdance performances filmed at Maui's lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, cliffs, and beaches. Hoopdance for Beginners is a must-have, and a priceless educational resource. Approximately 80 minutes and plays in all regions internationally.

Christabel Zamor, founder of HoopGirl, is an international hoopstar and pioneer of the hoopdance movement. With the help of hula hoops, she transformed herself from a heavy set, shy academic into a professional dance performer and fitness guru. Since 2001, she has been teaching sell-out classes and performing internationally for clients such as Cirque du Soleil, Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures. Christabel hoops in television commercials and movies and does brand representation for trendsetting companies, such as HeartFM in the UK. She has instructed thousands of all ages and abilities and has a teacher training program which is licensing HoopGirl Workout teachers across the US, Canada, England, and Australia. She trains the master fitness teachers at Virgin Active, the largest fitness center chain in the UK. Christabel also trains a troupe of master hoopers, the HoopGirl AllStars, who perform at special events around the globe. Her HoopDance for Beginners DVD and HoopGirl Hoops are creating a worldwide hooping sensation. Christabel holds two graduate degrees and is certified by the American Aerobics and Fitness Association as a Primary Group Exercise Instructor.

Featured Article: Kids Say the Darndest Things by Michelle Larson

Elemental Artistry at Pima County FairWe just finished an 11 day run of performing for the Pima County Fair in Tucson. It was so much fun! And so much work! This month I thought I would share a little of this experience with you.
Performing along side some of Tucson’s finest fire spinners including Matthew of Fire Mecca, I had the opportunity to perform 3 shows a night on the first and only fire dancing stage at the county fair. We had an amazing time getting to meet so many people in our local community, including the numerous  wide eyed, excited kids who  greeted us after every performance. I can honestly say that fire dancers are rock stars in the eyes of the 6 and under crowd.
We got hugs from hundreds of kids throughout the course of the fair each with a special question or comment. I thought, fellow spinners, that you would enjoy hearing some of the hilarious questions we received from these new little fire dancing fans:

To my dance partner Fire Grace: “You must not be from around here, I can tell. You must be Chinese….”

“What does eating fire taste like? I bet it tastes like hot dogs, wouldn’t that be funny?”

To me after Matthew’s poi performance: “You have eyelashes, but I bet he doesn’t. I bet he never does have eyelashes.”

 “I bet fairies dance with fire. When I grow up I’m going to be a fairy so I can dance with fire too.”

“Is that real fire? It couldn’t be real fire. You can’t touch real fire.”

“My mom told me never to play with fire. Didn’t your mom ever tell you not to play with fire?”