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*NEW* Fire Mecca's Sock Poi - ON SALE!

Sock Poi

NEW design for Fire Mecca!

Sock Poi are easy on the body and a fun way to get introduced to poi. The spandex material stretches and glides nicely, and the weight can be changed thanks to a slit in the side. Wraps, hyperloops, and other moves are often made easier by the bounce of our sock poi.

The pink and white colors fluoresce. Each sock poi is two-colored. Available in Pink/Green or Blue/White.

Fire Mecca sock poi are sold as a pair and come with a nylon drawstring bag and ball weight.

**NEW** Factory Seconds Contact Juggling Balls - ON SALE!

Factory Seconds contact juggling balls

Fire Mecca has strict standards when it comes to selling performance equipment. A select number of acrylic contact juggling balls in assorted colors did not meet Fire Meccas quality standards out of the box from the factory.

The factory seconds acrylic balls may be lightly blemished or discolored, but are completely functional! This is the perfect practice prop at over 50% off.

Available in Blue, Green, Purple, Orange or Red

Flowlight Crystal LED Glow Poi


Flowlight PoiFlowlight Light Sticks combine the latest electronics technology and components with high-impact plastics to create the ultimate LED glowstick. Great for swinging as LED Glow Poi, glowsticking, partying, and performances, as well as for light sources and markers when biking and camping.


The Flowlight is an LED lightstick with 11 light modes and comes in three colors. It runs on one (1) AAA battery at full brightness throughout battery life; it does not dim as the battery gets weaker.

Flowlight Crystal LED Glow Poi include the translucent Crystal Case, a soft plastic housing designed to protect the Flowlight, while still making it possible change modes while encased. Flowlight Crystal LED Glow Poi come with either nylon poi leashes or BlazeLace poi leashes with double-loop handles. Batteries are included.

Add some weight to your Flowlights by getting Flowmass! Also sold on our web site.

Available in the following colors: Fire Spirit, or Water.

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