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**NEW** Flowlight 8-Light Collapsible LED Staff
The Collapsible 8-light Flowlight Staff breaks down into shorter pieces for travel and can turn into several other props, including a different length staff, a contact staff, poi sticks and more.

With different lengths of tubing in the handle, you can create different length staffs. A set of poi Flowlight Bridge Caps can transforms your staff ends into Flowlight poi sticks (with separate leashes). Add Flowmass if you like your staff to feel heavier.

Flowlights are interchangeable and each light runs on one (1) AAA (batteries not included). Please use only rechargeable NiMHs or high quality alkalines. Cheap alkalines will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact.

* Fire: Red, Orange & Yellow
* Spirit: Pink, Blue & Purple
* Water: Green, Aqua & Blue

This staff comes with 8 flowlights, two (2) 4.5L tubes, one (1) center tube, two (2) staff connectors, and two (2) flower (end) caps. The 8-light collapsible flowstaff has two 4.5L (4.5 Flowlight) tubes as its staff ends. Each end can hold up to four (4) Flowlights and fits half (0.5) of a staff connector. Have extra flowlights? The center section (handle section) can also hold flowlights! How many depends on the staff length you choose.

**NEW** Fire Mecca Spring Open Folding Fire Fans
Fire Mecca Spring Open Folding Fire Fans are a great way to add some variety to your show. They can be used folded as torches, then spring open to be used as regular fire fans. Tension can also be adjusted to affix the position as a torch or fire fan, or to allow the change to between torch and fire fan to be made easily. The staggered wicks allow the fan to be held easily in the hand while closed.

The Fire Mecca Folding Fire Fan comes assembled with 5 blades, with a maximum 135 degree angle between outside blades. The fan has a closed width at the top of 6.25 inches and an open width of 23 inches, with a length of 13.25 inches. The angle and number of blades and can be customized, as well as several other features:

* Fewer or additional fan blades (5 is standard, 3 minimum, 6 maximum)
* Adjustable angle (135 degrees standard)

Spring Open Folding Fire Fans come individually in left-handed and right-handed models or as a pair. If you are only getting one fan, how do you tell if you need a right-handed or left-handed fan? A right-handed fan will typically be held such that first blade is in front of all of the others, and the fan will open in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Stage Ball Practice Poi (Pair)
Stage Ball Poi are perfect for practice and drills, and for beginners and pros. Stage Ball Poi are designed to endure plenty of drops and damage, making them great for practicing with instead of your fire poi or glow poi. Since Stage Ball Poi Heads can use the same chain leashes as your fire poi, switching the heads on your chain leashes is easy. Stage Ball Poi Heads also have some give, making body hits less painful when they happen. By request, the weight can also be adjusted to your specifications.

Stage Ball Practice poi come in any length, up to 30 inches, measured end-to-end. If you are not sure what length is right for you, a good estimate can be made by measuring from your fingertips to your chest, with your arm held straight in front of you. Most measurements end up between 21 and 28 inches.

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