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Contact Poi
Fire Mecca Contact Poi allow you to blend poi spinning with contact juggling and juggling. Fire Mecca Contact Poi are designed to endure plenty of drops and damage, making them great for practicing. Fire Mecca Contact Poi Heads also have some give, making body hits less painful when they happen. They can be used for spinning, body rolls, tosses and so much more. Fire Mecca Contact Poi have a large head, handle end swivels and a weighted (54 grams, 2 ounces) handle for counter balance. Handle weight can be customized from 48 grams (1.5 ounce) to 70 grams (2.5 ounce) in 3 gram (1/10 ounce) increments, please specify in your order notes if you wish a custom weight.

Moonblaze Fire Poi
A Fire Mecca conception and the original spiral-weave fire poi, MoonBlaze Fire Poi offer the best of both worlds; good flame size and duration at a low cost. Our unique MoonBlaze Fire Poi Heads are cylindrical and tight, reducing surface area and increasing the amount of fuel retained during spin-off. The result is a longer burn time and a longer lifetime. increments, please specify in your order notes if you wish a custom weight.

Fire poi come in any length, up to 30 inches, measured end-to-end. If you are not sure what length is right for you, a good estimate can be made by measuring from your knuckles to your ankle, with your arm held straight to your side and relaxed. Most measurements end up between 21 and 28 inches.

LED Glow Leash Poi
Fire Mecca LED Glow Leash Poi are fresh new poi product that combines the traditional LED poi ball with a fiber optic quality leash. The leash glows brightly, lighting up your entire spin!

LED Glow Leash Poi come nylon double-loop handles. The length is not easily adjustable, but can be picked before adding to your cart. Maximum length possible is 22 inches.

All Glow Poi equipment comes pre-loaded with batteries, but you should always plan ahead and get additional batteries.

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