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Blazelink Gyro Staff
The BlazeLink Gyro Fire Staff takes the dragon-style fire staff and applies it to our BlazeLink collapsible format. The Gyro Fire Staff is designed to roll on the body to create impressive wheels of flame. The cable fire spines, compatible with our Fire Mecca collapsible hoop, flex when dropped, reducing the chance for breaks common with dragon-style staves. They are also detachable, allowing the system to be broken down into 11 pieces for travel.

The Gyro Staff with flexible spines behaves slightly differently than a dragon staff. The flexible spines are almost indestructible to drops, but will flex as they are spinning. The flexible spines are also lighter than standard solid or tube attachments on other products, meaning less strength is needed to manage the staff. A solid spine version is available as well. Please contact Fire Mecca Sales for any customizations.

Aerial Silk Kit
It can be hard to decide what the best gear for your aerial silk (aerial tissue) rig should be, so let us help. Our Aerial Silk Kit has everything you need to get your aerial rig going:

-One (1) 20 yard aerial silk tissue, 108 inches wide, of your choice of color
-One (1) figure-eight descender (a.k.a rescue eight), flat on one side to distribute weight more evenly.
-One (1) large ball bearing swivel with 3-year guarantee and up to 10-year life. Keeps silk from twisting, and reduces torque on the sling or bolt attachment points.
-Two (2) William screw lock carabiners. Use to secure swivel to descender, rescue eight, or hook, and to secure swivel to sling or other attachment point.
-One (1) 120 centimeter sling. Put over and around a sturdy horizontal support.

-This kit can also be used to make an aerial hammock or sling for yoga by purchasing an additional carabiner and descender.

Fire Mecca Fire Wisp
The Fire Mecca Fire Wisp was named for the ‘Will o’ the Wisp’, floating orbs of light seen in swamplands. In the hand of a skilled user the Fire Wisp floats about as if by magic. The Wisp is also known by other names, including Zip Poi, Floating Orb and, Slide Poi.

The Fire Mecca Fire Wisp is made from our signature Moonblaze wicks on a special core that allows it to slide freely across the stainless steel aircraft cable body. It is controlled by a solid steel ring at each end, attached to the cable with a swivel to keep your cable from binding.

Due to the proximity to fire, and potential heat buildup on the cable, we recommend gloves and Kevlar sleeves (or a long sleeved shirt) be worn when using the Fire Wisp.

To measure for your Fire Wisp, we recommend measuring your arm-span from palm to palm. Maximum length is 6 feet.

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