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Modular Fire Fans
The Classic Frame for Fire Mecca’s Modular Fan System is an excellent blend of the traditional fan styling and modern tech fan. A little smaller and lighter than many traditional fire fans out there, making it easier to perform tosses and spins, but larger and heavier than modern Tech Fans, with more flame and a more impressive feel for the audience.

Fire Mecca’s Modular Fan System is our latest breakthrough to make your prop bag both more versatile and less expensive. While many have offered Fire, Practice and even LED fans, to have all three you need to buy three separate pairs of fans, when the largest part of the cost is the metal frames- and if you do Tech Fan too that’s upwards of 6 pairs of fans! Fire Mecca decided that simply wouldn’t do and found a way to make the tips easily interchanged!

LED Glow Staff
The Ultra Glow Staff is a beautiful addition to your glow collection. A single glow staff contains 2 LEDs (one at each end), has soft ball-ends (made of the same material as our glow poi), and consists of two ends and a center section. The break-down glow staves are easily disassembled for travel and storage.

The staff is adjustable in length. The LED Glow Staff can adjust to be 47, 51, and 55 inches long. A break-down Glow Staff weighs 1lb 3oz (~539gm).

PX3 All Fluoro Circus Club
This training club comes in lots of brilliant color combinations with a new feature: flex grip. The one piece molded handle is manufactured with an innovative rubbery material which gives it an excellent grip. This revolutionary concept is going to change the world of club juggling. All colors are fluorescent and UV reactive.

The PX3 All Fluoro Club weighs 7.9 ounces (224 g) and is 20.3 inches (516 mm) long and 3.15 inches (80 mm) in diameter.

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