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Get Ready for Festival Season!

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Fire Wisp
The Fire Wisp was named for the ‘Will o’ the Wisp’, floating orbs of light seen in swamplands. In the hand of a skilled user the Fire Wisp floats about as if by magic. The Wisp is also known by other names, including Zip Poi, Floating Orb and, Slide Poi.

The Fire Wisp is made from our signature Moonblaze wicks on a special core that allows it to slide freely across the stainless steel aircraft cable body. It is controlled by a solid steel ring at each end, attached to the cable with a swivel to keep your cable from binding.

Fire and Ice Hoop
The all new Fire and Ice LED fire hoop is unlike any other. The 20 blue high-power LEDs in this hoop provide a dramatic contrast with the fire. In order to balance the power of the fire, we used LEDs that are 5 times more powerful than typical hoop LEDs. The total LED power of this hoop is a huge 10 Watts and the batteries will last about 45 to 60 minutes. The hoop comes with flexible MoonBlaze fire wicks which are removable for times you would like to just use the LEDs.

Diabolo Bag
The Diabolo Gear Bag is a great way to carry a lot of small gear. The Diabolo Gear Bag fits two large diabolos (e.g., finesse, jumbo harlequin, or circus) and has separate outside pockets for 2 sets of handsticks. Two outside pockets with velcro closure are handy for easy to find smaller items. The Diabolo Gear Bag can also carry several poi sets, or myriad juggling balls.

The Diabolo Gear Bag has zipper openings on both sides and an adjustable shoulder strap with multiple clip-on locations.

Traveling with Fire Props!
Festival season means you may be traveling to some far off, awesome location to perfect your flow arts and make new buddies. But how are you going to get your props there safely without spending a bundle to ship them or potentially losing them at airport security?

Last summer, we did a fair amount of travel and found no issues with checking fire props with a few different airlines. We’ve heard a few horror stories, though, so we thought we’d share what we’ve been doing.

We talked with TSA last time we traveled just to see what they thought about carrying on cleaned but previously used equipment and got a resounding, “NO,” from several agents. This makes the next cheapest and quickest option checking your props in a standard sized suitcase. Check with your airline in advance to see what fees are and how many bags you are limited to checking. The average range for checking bags on airlines in the United States is $25-35.

If you choose to take your props as checked luggage, your main goals should be to eliminate fuel and odor from your gear. If possible, perform a burn with a very clean fuel, such as white gas, prior to additional handling; lamp oil and kerosene often leave smelly residue. After your tools have cooled back down, wipe them down with a soapy, warm wash cloth and allow drying time. Place them in Ziploc bags. For your tools that are too big to fit entirely into a bag, we’ve used bags secured with rubber bands just over the wicks. If you are traveling with a staff or two, you can normally find the longer poster shipping tubes from UPS or you can even create a reusable shipping container from a thicker diameter PVC pipe and screw on caps. In the end, be sure that there is no odor of fuel emanating from the bags or containers that your props are packed in.

If your luggage is searched, have as much material available to demonstrate a professional need for the equipment. Write a business style letter with your performance group’s letterhead on it. Explain what each of your props is for and that they are used in performance art. Attach a business card with your cell phone number on it. Include your fire performer’s insurance certificate for added authenticity. Make sure to include this information in each checked bag or container that contains fire gear. If you get questioned, remember to remain calm and confident. Lose your cool and you are more likely to lose all your gear. After all, you are a talented professional and these are your tools of the trade!

Wherever you may be off to, follow these tips after talking to your airline of choice about their checked luggage policies. Have fun this festival season!

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