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Help Dad keep his cool dad status with new props and apparel!
10% off all items in this newsletter with code FMNL1306!

Happy Father's Day!
There are some really awesome dad's out there. Help dad keep his cool dad image with some awesome new fire props! You can also help keep him safe while he's showing off his new moves with our fire safety apparel set. If you order a set using this month's promo code you will save a smoking 20% off the gear's price when individually purchased.

Say thanks to dad for being the coolest out there by getting him some of the hottest performance gear on the market!

BlazeLink Gyro Staff
The BlazeLinkTM Gyro Fire Staff takes the dragon-style fire staff and applies it to our BlazeLink collapsible format. The Gyro Fire Staff is designed to roll on the body to create impressive wheels of flame. The cable fire spines, compatible with our Fire Mecca collapsible hoop, flex when dropped, reducing the chance for breaks common with dragon-style staves. They are also detachable, allowing the system to be broken down into 11 pieces for travel.

The Gyro Staff with flexible spines behaves slightly differently than a dragon staff. The flexible spines are almost indestructible to drops, but will flex as they are spinning. The flexible spines are also lighter than standard solid or tube attachments on other products, meaning less strength is needed to manage the staff. A solid spine version is available as well. Please contact Fire Mecca Sales for any customizations.

You can Juggle Balls of Real Fire! These are the world's first and only fire juggling ball that you can juggle without gloves! If you can juggle, you can juggle FyreBalls. Dead easy to fire up; even easier to impress!

FyreBalls can be juggled without gloves, are highly portable, easy to use, reusable, and tough.

The FyreBall set comes with:
Three FyreBalls
Refueling Bottle
Carrying Bag

Protective Apparel Kit
Protect yourself or your loved one by providing them with fire-resistant gear: KEVLAR (R) Sleeves, a KEVLAR (R) Cap, and a pair of safety goggles that can be converted to sunglasses. KEVLAR (R) Sleeves and KEVLAR (R) Knit Caps protect the arms and head, two of the most common areas that get burned, while also keeping you warm. Goggles can keep your eyes safe during a Burning Man dust storm or protect your eyes from fuel and fire while fire breathing.

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