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Fire Breather Kit
Have fun and be safe while fire-breathing. The Fire-breathing torch is 24 inches long, is gripped at the handle and has a wick as large as that of our fire staff.

Push-to-dispense bottle design prevents spills and makes it easier to regulate the amount of fuel dispensed.

KEVLAR (R) Sleeves, a KEVLAR (R) Cap, and a pair of safety goggles that can be converted to sunglasses. KEVLAR (R) Sleeves and KEVLAR (R) Knit Caps protect the arms and head, two of the most common areas that get burned, while also keeping you warm. Goggles can keep your eyes safe during a Burning Man dust storm or protect your eyes from fuel and fire while fire breathing.

Poweriser Jumping Stilt Kit
Powerisers are the most popular jumping stilts in the United States. Save up to 10% getting your stilts and protective gear at the same time!

We cannot ship Powerisers to the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, or Spain. Net ship weight is 16.5 lbs. If you live outside the USA, additional shipping charges will apply. Please contact us ahead of time for estimates. Powerisers are shipped via FedEx regardless of the method purchased through our website. Please note that Powerisers cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

Bulk Account Subscription
Would you like access to our buy-in-bulk program? If you are an equipment manufacturer or a reseller, this program is designed for you. 90% of our product line is available at bulk prices.

The current membership fee is $100 per year, and your membership will run from the date of purchase for one full year.

For the month of August, you can get 15% off the normal price of Bulk Membership. If you are already a member, keep an eye out for a special renewal offer in your inbox!

Advice from a Human Dragon
Iíve been breathing fire since 2007. I was blessed to have two very amazing teachers and an immense personal fear of being burned. For this reason, I waited for six months before I actually lit my first plume. Itís been humbling to travel the country over the last year learning from incredibly talented breathers all over the country. I donít recommend that everyone learn how to breathe fire, but I do declare that it is my most favorite performance style and I amaze myself at my talent every time I do it. That being said, I want to go through my equipment and why I use each item.

Above all else, I recommend using a bottle with a valve for your fuel source. In 2010, I had the misfortune of having someone grab my ugly, duct taped, sharpie sports bottle thinking that they could steal a swig or two of water. I had been so careful to mark all over the bottle that it contained fuel and was not for drinking. None of my precautions really mattered because the sports bottle was still recognized as a drink vessel. I immediately ordered my breather bottle and have not regretted it one moment. The body of the bottle is a very thick plastic and is crush proof. Iíve flown numerous places with it checked in my baggage and it has never shown any sign of wear or tear. The valve is an awesome feature because it requires me to press my lips to it and invert it to get fuel. It is not a measured amount as is frequently believed but it will not gush quickly so you do get a more manageable amount of fuel. The bottle is bright red and very indicative of danger so I never have to worry that someone will pick it up and drink from it. I wouldnít go back to breathing without it! Iíve even made fun dress up stuff for my bottle so that it would match my costume. I slip them on before getting on stage and remove them as soon as I exit.

For my eye protection, I use Body Spec goggles. I exchanged the lenses on mine for the orange lenses so that the bright flashes from my plumes donít blind me during a performance. I donít recommend darkened glasses because itís hard to see if anyone is around you unless they are holding something on fire. I know plenty of breathers that donít wear eye protection and have been just fine, but I wear contacts and I like the security of not having to worry about them melting to my corneas. There are a lot of tricks that require fire passing closer to your face, so it is just better to protect the really sensitive parts like eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

My torches were made for me by my mentor, Yardz. Iíve used the same torches since I learned how to breathe and canít foresee ever replacing them because of the sentimentality of them. But I will speak about wick size. Too small of a wick and you risk extinguishing your fire source with your plumes. That can be a real show stopper. Too big of a wick and you risk diminishing the appearance of the size of your plumes. I recommend using a torch with a 2-3Ē wick. The weave of the torch is not that important but a lot of people have preferences due to aesthetics.

Lastly, I love my Kevlar sleeves for wiping off that little bit of fuel that just didnít make it into becoming a great, big plume. Having a towel discretely tucked in a pocket is one thing but I like to be a little more ninja than that and just sneak a quick wipe on my sleeve on my way to refueling from my bottle. I really hate it when I see breathers wearing bibs to protect their clothing. More than that, I hate seeing breathers that are totally glistening from the amount of fuel covering their bodies. For those reasons, Iíll stick with my Kevlar sleeves.

If you are a breather, I highly recommend making it out to a festival or two. The teachers at these festivals have blown my mind with the tricks and skills they are so willing to share with festival attendees. In closing, no matter how big your plume is, make sure it is a clean one. That is the utmost thing in keeping yourself and your audience safe. If you ever feel like your style is losing its crispness, go back to practicing with water. The lower viscosity makes it harder to aerosolize so youíll end up developing a super clean technique for when you go back to your fuel of choice.

Disclaimer: Fire Breathing is the most dangerous of fire performance arts and can result in severe, disabling burns, chemical pneumonia, or even death. Please donít try it without the supervision of an experienced fire breather.

Until next time, Burn Bright,
Corinne aka Purrrgatori Fyre of Mourning Fyre Entertainment

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