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MoonBlaze Fire Poi Heads, Singles, Doubles, or Poi Sets on Sale!
MoonBlazeTM Fire Poi Heads are a Fire Mecca creation and the original spiral-weave fire poi heads that blend a good-sized flame with a burn time superior to that of Cathedral wicks of the same size. Medium MoonBlaze Fire Poi Heads have a burn time in the area of 7 minutes for lamp oil, and have similar physical properties to that of the Medium Duo-Fold Cathedral Fire Poi Heads in terms of wick material, dimensions, and weight/mass. The design, however, retains more fuel during spin-off and while burning, allowing for a more bell-shaped flame intensity over time; it takes a little longer to achieve full flame, but this flame lasts longer, and recedes more slowly. Standard MoonBlaze heads have no visible metal hardware on the bottom, and have a stainless steel attachment ring at the top.

Contact Fire Staff and Basic Fire Staff on SALE!
If you are looking to make an impression, our MoonBlaze fire staff is a unique design that will wow your friends. Many have enjoyed our MoonBlaze fire poi, and now you can enjoy the same style on our fire staff. If you are looking for a standard staff, rolled wicks are also readily available.

Our Contact Fire Staff is made of 3/4 in. hard anodized drawn 6061-T6 aluminum tubing. Dowel is inserted at the ends to add weight, reduce convection inside the tubing, and to resist dents and bends. Grip covers approximately 23 in. at the center of the staff, with a random color holographic tape marking the center. This fabric-style grip is great for use with costumes and slightly damp skin.

Premium Rope Dart and Rope Dart on SALE!
We worked closely with several professional fire performers who specialized in rope dart to figure out exactly what they wanted from their tools. Arguably, the most important part of a rope dart is the rope, so thatís where we started. We tried numerous ropes, until we found the perfect blend of comfort, strength and durability in ľĒ (6mm) braided hemp rope. At one end of the rope we have a hard rubber PX3 knob as a stopper, on the other a short length of stainless steel Twistlink chain with a swivel welded on each end to ensure the head never binds.

With the body done, it was time to move on to the head. Most rope darts on the market utilize a large poi head, which works fine for most spinners, but our professionals wanted something more. The trick was creating something that meets Fire Meccaís standards of aesthetics and durability while also meeting the needs of a serious rope dart user. The end result was an extra-large (5 inch) K1 1/4" Moonblaze head, built on a solid steel core with washers braided in to the head to improve flight without sacrificing the appearance. The end result is a rope dart head thatís a little on the heavy side, but flies like a dream.

Featured Performer!
Introducing Nicole Jinjur Coal! Nicole is a super talented belly dancer that loves to rock palm torches and fire fingers. They allow her the freedom to show off her dance moves while accenting her performance with fire accents. She performs with Lux Arati, a belly dance, fire troupe that mainly uses fire fans in their choreography. In addition to fire fans, fingers, and palm torches, Nicole is learning to do fire staff. She also love to perform with veil fans, swords, and silk veils and has been doing so since 2001.

Lux Arati is a fire dancing troupe with roots in Philidelphia. They got their start in 2011 after a performance at PEX Summer Festís Russian Roulette Variety Show. The show combined belly dancers and fire dancers who subsequently fell in love with each otherís chosen performance art.

The group really pours their heart and soul into their choreography and performance. Lux Arati is composed of a crew of impressive performers that keep stepping up their game in the task of wowing audiences.

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