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Are you ready?
It's that magical time of year where approximately 62,000 people make their way to a desert in northern Nevada to celebrate art, music, life and FIRE! Some of us at Fire Mecca are getting all our gear ready to make the pilgrimage and figured it would be nice to make sure all our Burner friends are taken care of this August. Use code BURNER2014 and get 10% off EVERYTHING in your order. Hurry, though! If you want it in time for the burn, you need to order by August 14th!

In other exciting news this August, you can expect to see our products on the big screen in the movie, Step Up: All In. A scene in the movie features MoonBlaze fire poi and our new product the Fire Flail. The dancers learned the fire moves using Poi Spinning Basics with Pele's Element. We're super excited to see the scene and wanted to share our excitement by featuring all the products on sale this month. Check out all three below and then go check out the movie

Fire Flail
Fire Mecca’s Fire Flail, as seen in Step Up: All In, is modeled heavily after the medieval weapon of the same name, and features an extended haft for a 2-handed grip and our signature MoonblazeTM fire poi head attached by a short length of chain.

The Fire Flail is a very easy prop to get in to, due to having a single wick which is held a distance away from the body. Don’t let this fool you though, the Fire Flail is also a tricky prop to master. The combination of rigidity and flexibility causes the flail to react in a manner unlike most props, which lends itself to an entirely different set of moves and allowing it to create unique patterns which cannot be replicated with any other prop.

Fire Mecca’s Fire Flail is the perfect addition to your dance routines, combat performances, or just something new and unique to add to your performance troupe.

MoonBlaze Fire Poi
A Fire Mecca conception and the original spiral-weave fire poi, MoonBlazeTM Fire Poi offer the best of both worlds; good flame size and duration at a low cost. Our unique MoonBlaze Fire Poi Heads are cylindrical and tight, reducing surface area and increasing the amount of fuel retained during spin-off. The result is a longer burn time and a longer lifetime.

Fire poi come in any length, up to 30 inches, measured end-to-end. If you are not sure what length is right for you, a good estimate can be made by measuring from your knuckles to your ankle, with your arm held straight to your side and relaxed. Most measurements end up between 21 and 28 inches.

Poi Spinning Basics DVD
Poi Spinning Basics is an essential video guide for the beginning poi and fire dancer. As the popularity of fire dancing grows worldwide, so does the demand for instruction that illuminates the dynamic movements of poi spinning. Whether you are learning to spin tailed poi, glow poi, or fire poi, Poi Spinning Basics with Pele's Element is an excellent choice for novice- and intermediate-level student.

Highly sought after as teachers, Pele's Element has developed a clear, concise and informative style of guiding people of all ages, from basic levels to advanced skills, including fire safety and performance.

There are 12 lessons and a review, comprising 1 hour of instruction. Poi Spinning Basics is only available on DVD.

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