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BlazeLink Practice Swinging Torch
BlazeLinkTM Practice Swinging Torches are the combination of BlazeLink Practice End-pieces and Swinging Torch Adapters. They are 24 inches long, and have a wooden sphere at the end to aid typical swinging torch moves.

The BlazeLink Endpieces are also compatible with the BlazeLink Staff and Torch Poi Adapters.

BlazeLink Practice Swinging Torches are sold as a pair.
Handmade to order locally in Tucson, AZ, USA.

BlazeLink Torch Poi
BlazeLinkTM Torch Poi are the combination of BlazeLink End-pieces and Torch Poi Adapters. They come 24 inches in length, with two integrated ball-bearing swivels per poi torch, contributing to smooth spinning. Torch Poi come standard with leather single-loop handles, and can be adjusted in length with quicklinks or split rings.

The critical components of every BlazeLink tool, end-pieces are designed to integrate with BlazeLink adapters to form equipment such as Torch Poi, a Fire Staff, Swinging Torches, or Blasting Torches. As the end-pieces can easily be moved from one adapter to the next in the BlazeLink system, a performer can have a large combination of fire props at hand with only a few components.

Sold by the pair.
Handmade to order locally in Tucson, AZ, USA.

BlazeLink Contact LED Glow Staff
Our BlazeLinkTM LED Glow Staff breaks into three sections, making shipping and travel easy. Our break-down LED Glow staff comes with a 2-3 ft. long 7/8 in. diameter center section that is covered in grip tape, providing plenty of area for contact. The two end sections are made of polycarbonate tubing, and the BlazeLink Staff Adapter is made of drawn 6061-T6 Aluminum.

The staff is available in 4.5 and 5 foot lengths. The Led Glow Endpieces are also compatible with the BlazeLink Poi Torch Adapters.

DO NOT leave the LED Glow Staff Endpieces in the sun or in high-heat areas, as warping may occur.

Handmade to order locally in Tucson, AZ, USA.

Oh, you didn't know about the BlazeLink system?
It's the end of another wonderful vending season. I've been to some really awesome places and met some fantastic people. One of the problems I ran into repeatedly, was deciding which props I NEEDED to bring with me!

Fire Mecca's modular BlazeLink system is a collection of common components that can be connected to form a variety of fire performance tools, such as varieties of Fire Staff, Poi, and Torches. This makes travel easier, as well as the sharing of common components among friends and performers.

There are LED, practice, and fire end-pieces to fit any of the hand-piece adapters. We even have a jump rope attachment for use with the torch-poi adapters! This system makes it easy to pack a bunch of props in one checked bag and still have room for my clothes and sleeping bag! Woot woot for modular systems and convenience!

I hope to see some of you at Pacific Fire Gathering next weekend or at Wildfire the weekend after that! Make sure you swing by the booth and say hello or catch me on the burn field!

Burn bright, my friends!!!!


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