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Flower Devil Sticks
Made from Canadian maple, this Devil Stick (or, Flower Stick) is easiest to perform tricks with because of the slow performance speed. It is decorated with a variety of colored tapes, with glitter foil on the middle and both ends. Our Devil Stick is very durable, and "flowers" at each end slow down the spinning speed and cushion the Devil Stick during falls and drops. Black rubber handsticks make operating the Devil Stick easy.

Devil Sticks are 29 inches long. Devil Sticks each come with two rubber handsticks.

All sock poi on sale!
Sock Poi are easy on the body and a fun way to get introduced to poi. The spandex material stretches and glides nicely, and the weight can be changed thanks to a slit in the side. Wraps, hyperloops, and other moves are often made easier by the bounce of our sock poi.

The pink and white colors fluoresce. Sock Poi come in two-color combinations pink with green and blue with white.

Fire Mecca sock poi are sold as a pair and come with a nylon drawstring bag and ball weights.

Search our site for our other sock poi varieties!

Body Spec Safety Goggles
Whether you need something to keep dust out at an event, protect your eyes while performing, or shield your face while fire-breathing, the Body Spec Goggles (BSG) are a stylish way of getting the job done, whether you wear them as goggles or sunglasses. The prescription-ready frames are available in black or steel grey. Flame style no longer available.

The Safety Goggles are compliant with Safety and Ballistic standards ANSI Z87.1+ (the plus sign indicates that they meet the High Impact rating) and MIL-STD 662. Furthermore, the Safety Goggles are prescription (Rx) ready. Last, but not least, the Safety Goggles carry a lab-certified 100 percent UV protection rating.

Our Safety Goggles can be completely converted to sunglasses by removing the gasket, disconnecting the quick-release strap, and connecting the quick-release arms.

In addition to the goggle strap, the safety goggles come with two extra anti-fog 2.0 mm lenses (1 clear, 1 yellow), arms, a cleaning cloth, and a case.

All acrylic contact juggling balls on sale!
Our Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls are very durable and much clearer than polycarbonate Contact Juggling Balls and many other acrylics. 76 mm (3 inch) Contact Juggling Balls are great for the majority of applications and beginners, with larger balls being good for stalls and beginners, and small better for multi-ball contact juggling.

Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls may scratch or dent on impact with hard surfaces, but will not shatter, unlike a resin ball with a metal sphere inside.

Don't forget to protect your contact juggling ball from dents and scratches by also getting a felt-lined canvas Contact Juggling Ball Bag and Acrylic Polish!

All LED Glow Poi on sale!
Looking for quality glow poi to light up your night? Our Large LED Glow Poi are some of the best ball-shaped LED glow poi heads on the market today. The ball is a soft 4 inch (100 mm) silicone shell with a weight that is moderate; heavy enough to swing easily, and light enough to let you spin all night. Regardless, hitting oneself is a painless process, thanks to the softness of the ball. A swivel that is built into the ball contributes to a smoother spin.


LED Glow Poi come with adjustable cords attached to comfortable nylon handles, or ball chain leashes with single-loop handles. A slipknot can be used to adjust length, and the cord should be knotted to resist slipping for heavier poi. A swivel at the end helps keep the cord from twisting.

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