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BlazeLink UltraLight LED Glow Staff

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BlazeLink UltraLight LED Glow Staff 

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BlazeLinkTM Ultralight LED Glow Staff takes the glow staff to a whole new level. Designed to work with the Ultralight (included), FlowLight and similar LED glowsticks giving you a wide variety of colors and pattern options in 1 unit. Built on our BlazeLink system all pieces are completely interchangeable with other BlazeLink products. The BlazeLink Staff Adapter is available in 5 sizes and the ends are available in 1 light, 2 light and 3 light lengths.

The Ultralight is a professional LED glowstick with thousands of color and mode options. The Ultralight has two buttons, allowing for a tremendous range of customizability. One button controls modes and colors on the bottom two LEDs, and the other controls modes and colors on the top two LEDs. Each LED glow stick takes one AAA battery (not included). Enjoy full color ranges, terrific brightness, and endless pattern combinations with just one LED glowstick!

The BlazeLinkTM UltraLight LED Glow Ends are completely compatible with all other BlazeLink products, however they will create different over-all lengths. The 1 Light end piece is the same length as all other BlazeLink end pieces, while the 2 Light and 3 Light options are longer. For example, a 30” inch center plus 1 Light ends creates a 54” staff, if you switch to 2 Light ends it becomes a 60” staff. Please see the chart below to determine the best option for the length of staff you wish to purchase.
1 Light2 Light3 Light
Center Length
Total staff length
12 Inch 36" (91 cm) 42" (107 cm) 48" (122 cm)
18 Inch 42" (107 cm) 48" (122 cm) 54" (137 cm)
24 Inch 48" (122 cm) 54" (137 cm) 60" (152 cm)
30 Inch 54" (137 cm) 60" (152 cm) 66" (167 cm)
36 Inch 60" (152 cm) 66" (167 cm) 72" (182 cm)

DO NOT leave the LED Glow Staff Endpieces in the sun or in high-heat areas, as warping may occur.

Handmade to order locally in Tucson, AZ, USA.

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Dimensions: 61x3x3
Ship Weight: 5.00


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Special Offer!
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1. Ivy on 3/11/2016, said:

I ordered a 36" Center Length with 1 Light which made my staff 60" in total. My staff came on time...I think maybe a few days earlier and in great condition! The staff itself looks gorgeous and the grips on it allow for firm, comfortable handling. It withstands a surprising amount of physical force. I've dropped it while practicing on the grass, asphalt, wood, tiles, etc. and the staff has stayed in one piece - including the plastic cases at the end, not even a scratch! It is much lighter than my fire contact staff but that is to be expected. It may throw off your spins, etc. until you get used to it but this staff has impeccable balance for something so light. Just beware of the LED lights available for purchase. The glowstick is exactly as advertised - beautiful, bright, and varied! However, my glowsticks (and it may only have been my two orders) had a difficult time staying on or off. The metal ends that hold the batteries were too loose to keep it consistent. My friends recommended that I put in a piece of cardboard for a remedy but I would rather just get glowsticks that work since it almost doubles the price of the staff to buy it with the lights. Otherwise, I would recommend this LED staff above others I have tried. The price is definitely worth it and I love that it's collapsible! The fit is perfect once assembled and it looks so professional once lit up~ Love <3 EDIT: Their customer service is amazing! Emailed them right before writing this review and received a response after I was done writing it! Nancy (the representative who replied to me) made the entire process of returning my UltraLights and receiving a new pair under their one-year warranty so easy, painless, and quick! 4 Stars for the product 5th Star for amazing customer service and overall experience~
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2. Danielle on 10/17/2014, said:

This staff system is very nice. I have a blazelink fire staff that measures 60 inches but I wanted a 2-light staff so I had to order the whole thing to get a shorter handle that would combine with 2-lights for 60". No big deal - and now I can tell you the differences between the two sets. 1) the LED ends aren't set with a wooden dowel like the fire ends are. This makes them light - but I haven't managed to bend them or dent them yet so they are sturdy. The lights are snuggly secured inside a plastic tube with a padded rubber end to prevent bouncing and shaking within the container. The lights themselves are pretty awesome and ship with instructions on how to program the LED patterns. Mine came with three of the 4 AAA batteries dead though and I can tell you that the battery body is hard to open. 2) the staff center is not re-enforced either so when everything is put together the staff is very light. It's about as light as the LED staff sold over at homeofpoi so if you've ever played with that full-body plastic one you have an idea of how gentle you need to be to spin. I know that firemecca will re-enforce the fire-staff body for some extra money, so if you want your staff to have a little more weight to it, I would contact them about re-enforcing the ends and/or the body. You could also buy their staff weights which are awesome and would help hold everything down a little better. overall everything comes apart and back together nicely. There isn't any twisting, and you don't have to worry about rubber seals expanding or shrinking to take it apart/put it together. The push button detach/attach option is something I really appreciate about this system and why I got the firemecca collapsible staff instead of some of the others that are out there. I've wanted an LED staff like this one for a while and I'm glad firemecca came through b/f I broke down and bought a different staff that wouldn't go together in the same easy/reliable way.
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3. Ahmad on 3/3/2014, said:

It isn't flimsy, it's pretty solid and the LEDs don't hit the walls of the container unlike the Ultra Glow Staff. I was suggested to have a the staffs length be around my shoulder height. So measure well. Test everything out when it comes. Turn off the lights and start spinning.
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