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Advanced Poweriser Jumping Stilts

Advanced Poweriser Jumping Stilts

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Advanced Poweriser Jumping Stilts 

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Currently out of stock

As seen in the 2008 Olympics Closing Ceremony! These are not sold in stores yet, so be one of the first to own a set of these amazing Powerisers.

Powerisers are a quality brand of jumping stilts responsible for the new (extreme) sport and form of exercise called "powerising" or "bocking." Many also decorate their Powerisers to enhance their costumes and become a walking art project. Still more are able to combine poi or staff with stilting, thanks to the stability of the Powerisers. We carry brand-name Powerisers, not to be confused with PoweriZer stilts.

The Advanced Poweriser Jumping Stilts are high-end stilts with improved features that make running, jumping, and bocking in general easier, more natural, and more comfortable. Some of these features include:
  • Knee cap cuffs instead of a knee cap bar, which greatly improves comfort, stability, and mobility.
  • Improved bindings that are wider and stronger.
  • Stronger foot mounting plates that can take the abuse a serious stilter or bocker can provide.

If you are a serious stilter, professional or otherwise, the Advanced Poweriser Jumping Stilts are the right choice.

Powerisers have snowboard-like bindings, strapping over shoes and behind the knee. With Powerisers, it is possible to run up to twenty miles per hour with ten foot strides, and jump up to 7 feet directly into the air with practice.

Powerisers come in three adult models, and choices are based on your body weight:

  • PR5070: 110 - 154 lbs / 50 - 70 kg
  • PR7090: 154 - 198 lbs / 70 - 90 kg
  • PR90120: 198 - 265 lbs / 90 - 120 kg

All Models of Powerisers are currently out of stock

We cannot ship to the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, or Spain. Net ship weight is 16.5 lbs. If you live outside the continental USA, additional shipping charges will apply. Please contact us ahead of time for estimates.

Please note, Powerisers are always shipped via UPS Ground, regardless of shipping method selected at checkout.

If you need them quicker please call our office for assistance.

Powerisers also can not be shipped to PO Boxes.

Powerisers come with a 12 month Manufacturers General Warranty with 6 months on the spring and ground pad.

See a video of Powerisers in action!


The use of Powerisers can be very dangerous and can result in injury, serious injury or death. Fire Mecca, Inc. as well as its owners and operators are in no way responsible for any injury, serious injury or death, resulting from the use of Powerisers. By purchasing and or using Powerisers, you, the purchaser or operator, accept full responsibility for injury, serious injury or death and will not hold Fire Mecca, Inc. responsible. We insist that you wear all safety gear before putting on your Powerisers, such as a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. The videos we show are of people around the world using Powerisers, some with and some without safety gear. We do not agree with or encourage using Powerisers without safety gear.

Price: $359.95 
Ship Weight: 21.00


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Special Offer!
Special Offer!
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1. Dominic on 2/7/2010, said:

Excellent stability when compared to the standard powerisers. The cuff makes all the difference in comfort. A good product in all designs. However if someone abuses them, be prepared, the hoofs are not terribly thick and can wear through really easy. After a week of heavy abuse, (being on them for hours at a a time for a total of about four days) the hoof started to get cut up. Granted if you are careful and make sure to stay on smooth surfaces, your wear and tear will be minimal.
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