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About Us

At Fire Mecca our mission is to become the premier provider of fire and LED performance equipment in the United States. We strive to provide high quality products with value pricing and superior customer service.

The Fire Mecca Story

Fire Mecca Inc. (formerly Flamma Aeterna) started in the beginning of 2001 as product of experimentation in fire-oriented performance art.  There was also a strong need for a United States based supplier of fire performance equipment and materials. The company rapidly grew into an international business, focusing heavily on the do-it-yourself customer, but offering a plethora of well-priced options for those who need to get up and running with quality gear as fast as possible.

Fire Mecca supplies individuals, performance groups, and retail businesses around the world with everything from raw materials to finished equipment, such as LED and fire poi.  Fire Mecca provides many styles and sizes of ball chain and wick, and is one of the largest distributors of KEVLAR (R) based wick material. We offer almost all of our supplies in bulk or by the foot, scaling our raw materials and KEVLAR (R) based wick prices more than any other company.  This is perfect for those who want to buy more than several feet of an item, but don't need entire rolls or spools.  All equipment is also offered a la carte, giving our customers a huge variety of options.

Fire Mecca has invested huge resources in the research and development of quality fire and LED performance equipment.  Many performers sport our equipment and supplies with confidence.  We are committed to the progression of the fire and LED performance industries and look forward to an exciting future!

-The Fire Mecca Team