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Local Events

Fire Mecca is involved in much of the local scene. Visit our sites to stay up-to-date on what is going on in Tucson!

Fire Mecca Free Spin

Fire Mecca hosts a workshop and social event in Tucson every 1st Sunday (RSVP Only!), doing a significant amount of teaching and product demonstration. Learn more about safety and first-aid, stage preparation, fire-eating, and fire-tools in general. Attendees are also free to try out fire-poi, fire-staff, and other such implements if they can demonstrate adequate skill and safety-mindedness. For those who are not ready for fire, there is practice equipment available.

Anyone is welcome to come by and participate.

How Much: A One Dollar Donation is appreciated so we can keep things going, but don't let it keep you from showing up!
What: Safety, poi, staff, drumming, and (almost) anything you can set on fire
When: 7:00pm, every first Sunday (RSVP only!). See the Fire Mecca Community Calendar for exceptions. Fire begins at about 7:30pm
Where: 2417 E. Calle Joya de Ventura, Tucson, AZ 85706. Here are some directions.
Who: Contact us at or 520.955.9650 for more information.

Watch the Fire Mecca Main Calendar for all of the workshops that we are hosting and teaching!